About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Clarity Consulting Ltd! Nestled in the heart of Mauritius, we are a dynamic technology company dedicated to spearheading the digital transformation of heavy industries by bridging the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Committed to pushing boundaries, we strive to provide groundbreaking solutions to our clients.

Situated amidst Mauritius's breathtaking natural beauty, our location serves as a wellspring of inspiration, propelling us to deliver pioneering solutions across various industries. Our mission is to bring clarity to complex industrial settings by harnessing the power of data and autonomous systems.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of innovation as we collectively shape the future of technology.

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Our Goals

Our goals encapsulate our firm commitment to growth and innovation. We aim to double our client base, deploy autonomous mobile robots in Mauritius, and expand our service to one additional country. These objectives reflect our ambition, technological prowess, and strategic vision for sustained success and global impact.

Our Values


Clear communication and transparent processes are key to successful projects.


Share Knowledge and Expertise. Open communication fosters a collaborative spirit, internally and with clients.


We prioritize delivering robust, secure, and dependable solutions.


In the dynamic tech landscape, continuous improvement ensures we stay innovative.

The Numbers

 Digital Twin Solutions
 Mobile Robotic Platforms

1M +
Lines of code


Thibault Rouillard, Founder
Lead Consultant

Thibault Rouillard, who spent a decade in Australia earning a Ph.D. in robotics, returned to Mauritius in 2023. Drawing on his rich experience as a robotic software developer in industries like defense, oil and gas, and mining, he founded Clarity Consulting.