Collaborative Augmentation

What does it mean ?

Although less common, 'Collaborative Augmentation' (CA) aptly encapsulates the unique services offered by Clarity Consulting. Unlike conventional subcontracting arrangements, clients who opt for CA benefit from more than just an additional staff member. They gain dedicated resources equipped with a deep understanding of their business, relevant domain expertise, and seamlessly integrate into their teams. At Clarity Consulting, we prioritize fostering long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and founded on trust and collaboration. When engaging in collaborative augmentation, Clarity Consulting ensures alignment with the client's vision and values. By deeply understanding the challenges clients face, we can best match their expectations and deliver tailored solutions.

Who do we send ?

At Clarity Consulting, our Collaborative Augmentation efforts ensure that we provide the best possible match for our clients' requirements. We do not hesitate to decline requests if our best match is already engaged in another project. However, we strive to meet our clients' expectations to the best of our ability. Our developers at Clarity Consulting are integral members of the company, consistently working on various projects. The individuals we assign to join your team are employees of Clarity Consulting, with a minimum tenure of three months. Talent development is ingrained in our culture, with our developers constantly seeking self-improvement even when not actively engaged in client projects.

If a client requires a resource with knowledge of specific languages, frameworks, middleware, or other expertise, Clarity Consulting undertakes the responsibility to train and upskill a resource to meet the client's expectations before integration into a project. However, Clarity Consulting will only consider upskilling in areas that align with its in-house requirements and on other ongoing projects.

Clarity Consulting operates from the island of Mauritius, where it was founded. For clients who operate outside of the island, resources will primarily work remotely with your team. However, an initial on-site visit, as well as other intermediary visits, are integral parts of the Collaborative Augmentation framework. For clients operating within the island, resources can be deployed on-site for a maximum of four times per week.


$ ?? .00

/ hour
  • Less than 5 years of experience
  • More than 3 month with Clarity Consulting
  • Limited domain knowledge
  • Requires Management
  • No project architecture experience


$ ?? .00

/ hour
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Relevant Certification or Degree
  • Domain knowledge and exposure
  • Self-Managed
  • Project architecture experience


$ ?? .00

/ hour
  • More than 7 years of experience
  • Masters Degree or more and relevant certification
  • Extensive domain knowledge and experience
  • Self-Managed or Project Lead
  • Extensive project architecture experience